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Free Phone Numbers
Once you registered your account, your account number is becoming your Internet Phone Number, which you may use to call others mobile or land phones, or others can use your Internet Phone Number to call you.
  • Login in your account & make a call to any place in the world
  • Protect your real phone numbers by using Internet Numbers for added personal privacy
  • Called by your friend anywhere in the world
  • Call to your Virtual Phone Number can be forwarded to your Mobile or fixed phones
  • Switch your Virtual Phone Number to 800 Mode at anytime
Toll-Free 800 Numbers
Allows anyone around the world to call your 800 numbers to facilitate your sales and technical support of your business.

Or, provide a 800 number for only your friend to call your number freely by using a password for your Internet 800  number.

No need to apply for your traditional 800 numbers.  Simply create your account with us.

Type in a forward number and switch your forward number to 800 mode. You can optionally type in a password to protect 800 number so that only some people may call you freely .

Paste the Click To Call URL to any web pages.  People around the world who can access the web page will be able to call you at very low rate. 

VoIP 800
  • Cross national borders and boundaries
  • Fast Sales Conversion
  • Better customer service
One Click To Call 800 URL provided web based 800 virtual phone numbers.

Any one can call a business from one country to another via Web at a low local phone rate. Traditional 800 numbers, however, will be charged at International rate.

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Easy
Your virtual Phone Numbers allow any one around the world to call your Mobile or fixed phone through the Internet at low rate.

You can hide your real phone numbers by using our Virtual Phone numbers to protect your privacy.

Very Simple and easy to use. No complicated software to be installed to make the call. Only sound card and MIC is needed.

VoIP Phone Devices or Softphone Applications

You may use any VoIP adaptors to convert your traditional analog telephone to digital phone. So you can use the traditional phone to make Internet phone calls for Free international calls. You can also bring your VoIP phones to make Internet calls.

Contact us to buy VoIP Phones and Analog-to-VoIP Phone Adaptors.